Be a somebody…

“Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.”

Robby Novak

Life is busy. It is easy at times to get caught up in our own worries, fears, challenges, opportunities and forget that we aren’t here on this earth for ourselves. Not one of us was created to be a person that only cares about themselves. We were all created to help and serve others with our own unique and special gifts and talents.

Helping others doesn’t mean that you have to sell everything you own and move to a third world country. (Though if you feel that is your calling then do it!) Sometimes it is the simplest things that can mean so much. A smile, eye contact, remembering someones name. A hand-written thank you card. There are a million ways to make another person feel special for a moment. But you have to seek them out, and you have to do them. What’s really amazing is that when you do, you feel like a somebody…

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