Focus on the sowing…

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.”

Robert Louis Stevenson

In today’s world it is so easy to think that we must see the results immediately or the action is wasted. We are a world that is addicted to immediacy. But that is simply not how the world works. Just look at nature to see this brought to life most simply and powerfully.

Life has many seasons. Some are seasons of planting. Some are seasons of harvest. Some are seasons of rest and rejuvenation so that seeds planted later can take root and grow. But most importantly, not every day is harvest day.

Not every conversation is supposed to produce results, at least not immediate results. Not every action will deliver an immediate and measured return.

But every conversation matters. Every action matters. Every interaction is important. Because these are the seeds that you are planting in yourself, in others and in the world. Plant the right seeds with an eye to growth, not harvest. Plant the seeds in a way that they will fall on good soil and grow to produce grain in the future…

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