If you desire youth, you first have to learn how to live…

“Curiosity, creativity, discovery and wonder; they aren’t traits of youth, they’re traits of learning. If you want to feel younger and you want to replicate the conditions of youth, do that.”

Author Unknown

There is nothing like the joy which comes from learning and growing. As the parent of a 3-year old, I am reminded on a daily basis of the power of seeing things for the very first time and approaching the world with an attitude of curiosity and discovery. Literally, everything he observes is new and wondrous. I can see his mind working as he processes some amazing new revelation and wraps his brain around a new process.

What is the last thing you learned? Did you learn something new based on a conscious choice to seek out knowledge or did it come by chance or happenstance?

The key to learning isn’t to simply add new data to your mind. The key is to approach the world with curiosity, discovery, and wonder. The key to learning is to fully understand and recognize there is so much yet to learn and explore.

When you embrace life as outlined above the RESULT is a feeling of youth. Feeling younger isn’t the goal, it is the result of how you choose to live…

boy running during sunsetman in black jacket wearing black headphones

What if?

“Discovery is seeing what everybody else has seen, and thinking what nobody else has thought.”

Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

One of the most dangerous thoughts in the world is “this is how it has always been done.” To grow, to change, to be different we must disconnect from our past experiences and expertise on what has always worked and see possibilities through a different lens. To do this you must make sure that you aren’t so emotionally and personally invested in the activities that created the present that you can’t quit them if necessary to build a better future. Easy to say, hard to do. To help with this start asking a lot more questions of yourself and others that start with these two words, “what if…”

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