What are you focused on finding?

“Don’t find fault, find a remedy”

Henry Ford

Twenty-plus years ago, I read a Japanese management axiom that was a compelling piece of wisdom and is one that I have relied on for most of my professional career and personal life. 

Devote your energy into understanding and fixing the problem, not who is at fault.” 

Teams that work with this intent are tightly aligned and focused on the things that matter. Teams led in a “fault first” environment are only worried about making sure that the finger doesn’t point at them—what a waste of time and energy…

What is useful?

“Don’t find fault. Find a remedy.”

Henry Ford

There is a Japanese management philosophy that I have always loved that goes like this: “It is a waste of energy fixing the fault on someone, instead spend the energy fixing the problem.”

This can be hard to do of course, finding a reason to blame someone or something else for a problem seems to be a part of natural human nature. However it doesn’t help solve whatever challenge has presented itself. The advice I wrote about yesterday regarding anger applies equally in the context of affixing blame. “Is it useful?”

When tempted to point fingers or assign blame ask yourself that same question, “is it useful?” My bet is the answer will be no. Focus on the solution. That is guaranteed to be useful…

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