You’re not alone…

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”

C.S. Lewis

Adversity serves to bring people together and common experiences are great equalizers and can be a catalyst for the deepening of relationships. This is such a unique time in that EVERYONE is impacted by an external event and at the same time the ability to share in those experiences and build relationships is limited by the necessity of social distance.

What could be such a transformational time in the building of friendships actually has had the opposite effect and can create loneliness and feelings of isolation. It is also easy to focus on the negative aspects and spend any and all time conversing with others about the detrimental impacts this has had on you and those that you love.

How do you both focus on the positive and build/enhance relationships with others? I suggest finding someone in your network, your circle of friends and associates and simply reaching out to say hello and let them know that they were on your mind. Create a positive tone by inserting a thought like this into your dialogue. “While there are plenty of negative things to focus on, one thing I have really enjoyed is……………. What positive experiences have you shared or observed?”

What if we all found the one thing that was positive from today and shared it with someone else? What if we all found the time to tell someone that they weren’t alone…

Truly interested…

“If you are able to figure out how to be truly interested in someone you meet, with the goal of building up a friendship instead of trying to get something out of that person, the funny thing is that almost always, something happens later down the line that ends up benefiting either your business or yourself personally. Stop trying to ‘network’ in the traditional business sense, and instead just try to build up the number and depth of your friendships, where the friendship itself is its own reward.”

Tony Hsieh

It is amazing what can happen when you put serving others first and yourself second. Putting another persons wants, needs, and interests first on your priority list can completely shift the dynamic of the relationship. How does it make you feel when a person treats you in this way? You want to do more for them in return. The dynamic changes from being one that is transactional to one that is relational. And isn’t that what life is all about?

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