New Year’s Eve Reflection…

“There we both sat and rested for a while, facing the rising sun the way we’d climbed, for looking back can sometimes help you on.”


On December 31st of each year I like to sit, preferably by a fire, and simply reflect on the year that is just ending and contemplate what is coming in the new year. I find that thinking through the goals and objectives I have for the coming year framed through the lens of the year just ending provides remarkable clarity and insight.

One of my favorite exercises on New Year’s Eve is to think about what I would like to be thinking about and reflecting on as a key success next year on 12/31The question I specifically like to reflect on is: “What specific things must I accomplish in the next 12 months to make the year a success?  “Next year on 12/31 what do I want to have accomplished or completed?”

I hope everyone has a very safe, happy and prosperous New Year!

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