Write it down…

“It is often wonderful how putting down on paper a clear statement of a case helps one see, not perhaps the way out, but the way in.”

Arthur Christoper Benson

I find writing to be an incredibly powerful way to clarify both my thinking and my positions on a variety of subjects. In fact one of the reasons I started this blog was as an exercise to test and stretch my discipline both in writing and thinking.

Now as I look back over my posts I view it as a dynamic view of what I think, feel and believe. It has given me insight into myself that I don’t think I might have uncovered otherwise. Thanks for allowing me to explore and learn with you along the way. I wonder what the next 590 posts will reveal?

Thinking through writing…

“You don’t really understand your thoughts until you express them in words.”

Elmer L. Towns

I do my best “thinking” when I am actually writing. Putting words to paper, or in my case to the screen, is when I can really find myself thinking through what it is that I am trying to convey. “Thinking out loud” via writing has become my favorite way to clarify my thoughts and truly understand what it is that is rattling around inside my head. This is one reason that I started this blog just over a year ago, to get into a discipline of daily writing and thinking through my writing. It works, at least it has for me. Give it a shot, write daily and see what happens. I’ll bet you find much greater clarity in your thinking.

Write for your own understanding…

“The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.”

Gustave Flaubert

Writing a blog post every day has been a great personal example of this quote for me. I started this journey to do something I have always wanted to do and now I find my daily writing time to be very focusing and affirming for what I believe about life and leadership.

I’ve also kept a personal journal for years and that too has been tremendously beneficial when thinking through things or really trying to put my thoughts together on some matter. For me writing makes whatever loose thoughts are gathered in my head come together in a some type of coherent form (sometimes coherent perhaps). I am often surprised that when I go back and reread something I have written that it brought out things I didn’t even know were on my mind.

All this to say I agree with this quote 100% and highly encourage writing as an act of discovery and understanding. It just takes a little and I have found it to be time very well spent, regardless of whether anyone else reads what I write.

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