What price is worth your life?

“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.”

Henry David Thoreau

This is so easy to forget when we are busy and in the thick of getting things done. Every decision we make about where to spend our time is a decision on where to invest our life.

How do you decide on where to invest? More importantly, how do you decide when to stop investing? In other words, how do you decide that something is no longer worth investing your time and energy, i.e, your life? Sometimes if we have been doing something for a long time we don’t even realize that we aren’t getting value anymore.

Where would, or should, you invest your precious life?

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  1. This actually is something I am both working on and trying to teach to my family and some select co workers. My thoughts are things you can change. If you cannot effect, influence or guide, then it’s not worth the effort or energy. Whether it be on a person, project etc. focus energy on things you can control. I was asked just today, am I happy?, and that simple question made me refocus my day, immediately.

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