How do you measure prosperity?

“Without labor nothing prospers.”


That which we work for and earn through labor is what we truly value. Getting something without putting in the effort creates a false happiness that is both temporary and fleeting. But when you do the work, and you put in the effort, and you then earn the reward, you appreciate the experience in a far different way.

True prosperity isn’t measured on the scale of money or things. Real prosperity is relishing the joy that comes from hard work done well. Those that find this, have found alignment with God’s calling in their life.

If you look at prosperity through this lens how does it change your measures of success?

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  1. When one hears that Nehemiah rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem in 52 days, one should certainly be impressed. When you hear about the journey, the process, the obstacles overcome, and the labor, one should be all the more amazed and inspired. As a dad, I am reminded here to celebrate my children’s efforts, hard work, and resilience, not just the final grade, belt, or performance.

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