What could be?

“The problem with potential is: if it stays in potential form then it becomes procrastination.”

Steven Furtick

We all have untapped potential, things we are capable of doing, but haven’t just yet. There can be lots of reasons that potential stays under the surface and perhaps the most common is “I don’t have time.” The problem with that is there is never going to be enough time to dig deeper and surface those gifts unless you choose to dig. You have to decide to make unrealized potential become a reality.

For many the world is a bit different today that it was a month ago. It won’t be like this forever and at some point life will resume a more “normal” flow. The question is what are you doing right now to maximize this time and the opportunities presented?

There is an old truism that “people gaze so fiercely upon the door that is closed that they fail to see the one that has become opened to them.” I believe that definitely applies with the changes that have been forced upon many of us over the past few weeks. Instead of lamenting what was, is this an opportunity to spend time on “what could be?”

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