To go fast you must give in order to receive…

“Increased trusted equals increased speed and decreased cost. Decreased trust equals decreased speed and increased cost.”

Stephen R. Covey

Trust is a result of intentional actions and choices.  

In addition to the basics, such as truthfulness and integrity, several vital attributes build and enhance trust between people.  Transparency, authenticity, openness, and sincerity all serve to increase trust dramatically. 

These behaviors serve as the great enablers of productive human relationships. You can’t fake these. You either live them or don’t.   

The key is that you must perform them first, without any strings or restrictions. Only then can trust be reciprocated and speed developed.  

I find it helpful to think of building trust as an exercise. If you want to develop speed and strength, you have to work out specific muscles and continuously seek to improve your efforts. It works the same way with trust. If you want to be fast, you must be consistent in those key behaviors.  

When you do this, trust happens. When you don’t?  

Welcome to the slow lane.

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