Are you choosing to be a server of joy and laughter?

“The person who can bring the spirit of laughter into a room is indeed blessed.”

Bennett Cerf

Think back over your day yesterday. Did you laugh? Do you even remember if there were moments of levity and joy that created an opportunity to laugh out loud?  

If the answer is “no,” then take a moment to reflect on why that was. Were there no opportunities to laugh? Did nothing funny come up through the entire day? Was everyone you associated with far too focused on the “important stuff of life” and not able to see any joy?  

So much of life is spending taking ourselves too seriously. We worry about fret about all kinds of essential things and forget that the simplest sound, the music of laughter, can be one of the most refreshing and healing of all sounds we can encounter in our day.

My point is this; life is too short not to laugh daily. If you aren’t finding joy every day, then don’t wait for others to bring it to you; find a way to serve and deliver it to others.  

If you can’t remember whether you laughed yesterday, create a simple daily tick sheet and record every time you laugh for a week. Simply by being aware of the presence of laughter in your life, you will find more joy. The life you change will be your own, and the impact you have on others will be profound.

Seek out opportunities to be a server of joy starting today.

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