Can you simply strive for 1%?

“You, and you alone, are the person who should take the measure of your own success. I do not try to be better than anyone else. I only try to be better than myself.”

Dan Jansen

If I use yesterday’s performance as my new baseline each day and seek to improve by only 1%, then in just 70 days, I will have doubled my capacities. 

1% better than I was, not 10% better than someone else, but simply 1% growth on what I have already proven I can achieve. Seems reasonable and manageable. If I am being honest, it seems too low. 

Far too often, we get lost in comparing ourselves to others; perhaps we should focus on building on what we have already proven we are capable of achieving. Doubling seventy days sounds pretty amazing; why even bother comparing to anyone else if that could be your goal?

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