Are you willing to key in and push through?

“The key of persistence opens all doors closed by resistance.”

John Di Leme 

What relationships, accomplishments, or experiences in your life do you value and appreciate? Were any of these things challenging to achieve? Is the value derived because you had to overcome obstacles and dig deeper to make something happen?  

I believe the struggle and willingness to persist through a given problem or situation can impact our lives in the most meaningful way. When faced with a challenge, the choices we make will determine our course and become the inflection points for a later time when we can look back and recognize what God was doing to teach or prepare us for our future path.  

Giving up is easy, and doing so might change the course of your life in ways you might not understand for decades, if ever. However, the persistence we demonstrate today is priming our future and creating a platform for future growth. 

Embrace the suck. Most people quit at the first sign of discomfort or stress. Don’t be that person; welcome the fight and lean into the pain…

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